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We as Meba Steel can supply hot rolled coils in a wide range of steel grades to meet the variety of demands and expectations of the customers / projects. The wide range starts from the general structural steels with suitable ductility and toughness properties suitable for conventional need of welding process and workability to micro alloyed high tensile steel grades suitable for high deep drawing with the improved formability.  

We can supply from 2 mm to 25 mm thickness coils or sheets cut from the Coils. Trimmed or Mill edges, tempered (skin pass) or not, as rolled or normalized conditions, supply as slit coils options are possible. Surface properties to be as per EN 10163-2 to ensure the quality. Packing of the goods to be at the high standards for prevent corrosion and enable easy handlings.

Grades are available suitable for industries; automotive, shipbuilding, general construction, transportation and machinery (machine parts, wheels, tools, agricultural, road and railway vehicles ..) , pressure vessel and many others.

Some of the Grades for reference ;

  • Hot Rolled Coils/Sheets (HRC)

    EN 10025 1-2-5 Non Alloyed Steel Products for Structural uses S 185 JR, S 185 JO, S 185J2, S 185 K2, S 235JR, S235JO, S235J2, S 235K2, S 275JR, S 275JO, S 275J2, S 275K2, S 355JR, S 355JO, S 355J2, S 355K2, S 355JOW, S 355JOWP

    EN 10149 1-2-3 / SEW 092 Hot Rolled Steel Products with a High Yield Quality for Cold Forming S315MC, S 355MC, QSTE380TM, S 420MC, S 460MC, S 500MC, S 550MC, S 600MC, S 700MC, S 260NC, S 315NC, S 355NC, S 420NC

    EN 10111 Hot Rolled Steel Products with a Low Carbon Content for Cold Forming DD11, DD12, DD13, DD14
    Non Alloyed Steel Products with Surface in Relief (tear-drop and chequered pattern sheets)

  • Cold Rolled Coils/Sheets (CRC)

    Flat steel products in roll or sheet forms obtained by cold-rolling of hot-rolled flat steel, with thicknesses ranging from 0.20 to 2.00 mm. meeting the expectations concerning the surface flatness and the width and thickness variation and the physical properties of the produced materials fully remain homogenous.
    Common Grades;
    As per EN 10130 DC01/DC03/DC04 , ASTM A619/DQ, SAE 1010 /1008/1006

  • Galvanized Coils/Sheets (GC/S)

    We supply from the productions and our stocks ; the galvanized flat steel that is hot-dipping of cold- rolled metal through a zinc bath where both surfaces are coated with layer of zinc applied in order to enhance material lifespan and prevent corrosion which will eventually occur on the material surfaces in the presence of water or air moisture.

    Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Coils and / or  Sheets Cut From Coils,
    Zero Spangle, Chromated, Unoiled

    Acc. to EN 10346/EN 10143
    Drawing Steel Grades; DX51D+Z, DX52D+Z, DX53D+Z, DX54D+Z, DX56D+Z

    Structural Steel Grades;  S220 GD+Z, S250 GD+Z, S280 GD+Z, S320 GD+Z, S350 GD+Z..

    Coating Thickness from 50 gr/m2 to 300 gr/m2
    Thickness from 0,2 to 4 mm.
    “Please contact with our Sales Department for the current Stock Delivery Options for DX51D+Z275 Sheets/Coils”

  • Patterned and Expanded Steel Sheets (P/ES)

    We supply patterned plates (tear drop and diamond patterns ) that are produced for creating a non-slip metal surface that are used at fire-escape stairs, walking lines, ramps, machinery, wet floors of ship and shore side premises or vehicle, trucks and lorry’s haulage, stairs, doors of cupboard, and covering of outer facade or floor.

    Production from 1,50 mm to 16,00 mm thickness from 1000 mm to 1500 mm width is the most common requirements and supply.

    Expanded Steel Sheets that are from the expansion of hot steel rolls, generally are preferred for places where the weight of the patterned sheets have to be minimized. By their lightweight characteristics, generally are used in ship building industry, walking lines, door or complete generator boxes, partition walls, ceiling coverings, pipe and cable cover system, truck haulages, fences, platforms and military structures.

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